Speedwatch Update - October 2017

This year there has been significant progress on the Speedwatch front. The parish now has nine trained Speedwatch people and one volunteer hoping to be trained soon. This has enabled a number of Speedwatch sessions to be held at various locations around the village. All locations have been risk assessed and approved by the police as suitable for the monitoring and recording of vehicles who exceed the signed speed limits in the village. One location is now located within Tilsworth Parish and we are actively helping with Speedwatch sessions that affect traffic through both villages. 

As a result of the sessions, Stanbridge has been allocated permanent equipment to undertake future sessions. And the results so far? 

A total of 305 incidents of excess speed have been reported, which represents around 20% of all passing traffic. The worst offenders were passing the monitor at speeds in excess of 45 mph. All reported vehicles result in a letter to the owner from the police and drivers who pass significantly over the limit or people detected three times at excess speeds receive a police visit. The evidence of speeding in the village has resulted in several police speed detection sessions and a number of drivers being prosecuted. Speedwatch members have seen a marked reduction in the speed of passing traffic when the Speedwatch sessions are active. Sessions will continue to be undertaken to enforce the education of the maximum speed on our roads. Lastly, county highway engineers are planning a visit this autumn to assess routes for speed restriction measures.

 If you are interested in getting more information or suggesting monitoring sites, contact Councillor Martin Walker, Speedwatch co-ordinator.