Why Comment?  CBC's Local Plan will allocate housing for the next 20 years and must follow the NPPF.

Gypsies, Travellers and Showpeople are the only group in the UK that is specifically mentioned in the NPPF and also is the only group with a specific 'Planning Policy for Traveller Sites'.  However, CBC's Local Plan has not allocated any housing for this special group so that unplanned non-standard building on Green Belt will continue with expansion and in-filling as there are no defined planning standards. 

2 Questions Relevant to Our Rural Area:

Q40 Do you agree with the proposed transitional arrangements? The National Planning Policy Framework needs to be read in conjunction with the Planning Policy for Traveller Sites and the Planning Policy for Waste. The Government is considering whether any consequential changes should be made to these documents as a result of the proposed changes to the Framework set out in this document.  

Q41 Do you think that any changes should be made to the Planning Policy for Traveller Sites as a result of the proposed changes to the Framework set out in this document? If so, what changes should be made?”

 How to Submit Consultation Responses?: 

Why raise our local issues to Central Government?:

Given the experience in our area over the past decade with the current NPPF and given our community's shared goal to ensure healthy modern living standards for all, this consultation allows you to raise the following with the Government:

  • Reinstate Gypsies, Travellers and Showpeople as part of 'special groups' thereby superseding the need for a 'Planning Policy for Traveller Sites'.  Thereby everyone in the UK is treated in the same fair manner and with the same modern & balanced planning standards (i.e., compliance, enforcement, special needs practices, and policies).
  • Provide a national planning definition of 'dominate' (as referred in the 2015 'Planning policy for traveller sites') that is quantifiable in a similar way proposed by the Welsh Government.