Title Election of Central Bedfordshire Ward Councillors

Election of a Councillor for


Heath & Reach


Notice is hereby given that:


  1. A poll for the election of a Councillor for Heath & Reach will be held on Thursday 2 May 2019, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.
  2. The number of Councillors to be elected is one.
  3. The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates nomination paper are as follows:


Name of Candidate

Home Address

Description (if any)

Names of Signatories

Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors


Dominic Alexander


38 Burrows Close, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes,   MK17 8SN

Green Party

Margaret Davidson (+)

James Rickman

Terence J Ellis

Marilyn L Munro

Christopher M Sitzberger

David Cromack (++)

Jennifer Rickman

Seraphina Gell

Stuart G Lutes

Kevin J Green


Mark Anthony Gaius


5 Bakerswood Close, Heath and Reach, Bedfordshire,   LU7 0BN

Conservative Party Candidate

Margaret L Batchelar (+)

Sara J Reeve

Hannah E Johnston

Paul M J Dickens

Clare Hepworth

John A Batchelar (++)

Richard W K Reeve

Julia E Dickens

Richard Thyer

Sean M Johnston


Susan Penelope


(Address in the Central Bedfordshire Council area)

Labour Party

Paul P Curtis (+)

Pauline E Curtis

Daren Richardson

Geoff Bridges

Nigel G Dalkin

Nigel J Hatherly (++)

Constance E Hatherly

David C Hunt

Linda Bridges

Kathleen M Sinnett


  1. The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:


Situation of Polling Station

Station Number

Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote   thereat

Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Wingfield Road, Tebworth,   Leighton Buzzard


H-R1-1 to H-R1-388

Eggington Village Hall, High Street, Eggington, Nr   Leighton Buzzard


H-R2-1 to H-R2-239

St Leonards Church Hall, Leighton Road, Heath and   Reach, Leighton Buzzard


H-R3-1 to H-R3-1156

Hockliffe Lower School, Woburn Road, Hockliffe, Nr   Leighton Buzzard


H-R4-1 to H-R4-741

Stanbridge and Tilsworth Community Hall, The   Recreation Ground, Stanbridge Road, Tilsworth


H-R5-1 to H-R5-596/2

Stanbridge and Tilsworth Community Hall, The   Recreation Ground, Stanbridge Road, Tilsworth


H-R6-1 to H-R6-328

Date and Time 02/05/19 from 07:00 to 22:00
Location Stanbridge and Tilsworth Community Hall

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