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Regrettably there has been a resurgence of theft of tools specifically from vans when parked up overnight.  The South of the county experienced 9 reported thefts during the period 06/02/18 - 08/02/18.

Tips to prevent theft from works vehicles/vans

Emptying Your Van at Night

Remember thieves case their targets prior to breaking in, which means they have a good idea of tradespeople who leave tools inside their vans overnight. Although removing and putting back work tools in your van may be a little bit taxing, doing so will help you avoid financial losses that could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Boost Van Security

Boost your van security by installing a state-of-the-art alarm system as well as anti-theft/immobilizer devices such as handbrake lock, locking wheel-nuts, steering wheel lock, and lockable fuel cap. It is also advisable to look for an anti-theft device that you can access and control via a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Such a device will alert you the moment an unauthorized person tries to break into your van. Avoid cheap security devices because they tend to be easier to compromise. Besides electronic security devices, consider replacing your van’s door locks with deadlocks because they are harder to pick. For instance, a deadlock requires a physical key to open meaning it is immune to the electronic devices that thieves use to compromise the locking mechanisms used in modern van doors. At the same time, cover your van’s windows  with a suitable security film to strengthen the underlying glass. Make sure the film is made of an ultra-strong, high-tensile, obscurity polyester material.

Finally, invest in a robust vault where you can lock all your valuable tools. Such vaults are normally made from toughened anti-drill steel and come with tamper-proof lid lock as well as reinforced joints.


It is wise to insure your work tools. This is important because most standard van insurance policies do not cover loss of tools left in a van overnight. In fact, some policies state that you cannot store tools in your van unless it meets certain security requirements.

If you require more specific information on this topic please email Crime Reduction Bedfordshire via the following address

Lesley Johnson 3120

Crime Reduction Officer