Bedford and District Neighbourhood Watch Quarterly Meeting111

This is a message sent via Beds Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network

Message sent by Graham Boyle (NHWN, Communications   Administrator, Bedfordshire)


This is a reminder of the following meeting and has been sent to the whole County as the content may be of interest to Members outside Bedford Borough and everyone is welcome to attend.

Bedford & District Neighbourhood Watch Members Quarterly Meeting

Members are invited to the November 2016 Quarterly Members Meeting.

To be held on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at Bedfordshire Police Headquarters Lecture Theatre

Arrival from 7.00 pm for refreshments. Meeting to commence at 7.30 pm


  1. News and  Updates
  2. Guest  Speakers:
    • Kayleigh Horn: Victims Services Delivery Manager
    • Sean O’Neil: Cyber Security Advisor. Bedfordshire Police
  3. Any Other Business


Garden Thefts & Shed Break-Ins 

Message sent by Lara Curtayne (Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety, Bedfordshire Police)

As people start to cut back their gardens in readiness for winter, October usually sees a spike in theft of garden power tools and shed break-ins.  Quite often, property is left out in view whilst the owner pops inside for cup of tea or gets distracted by a phone call, making it all to easy to spot and steal.
Practise some good housekeeping and get into good habits by putting all your equipment away after use or, at least, storing it out of sight if you must leave it for a short while.  It is also worth overtly marking your tools with a permanent marker pen, distinctive paint or even etching your house number and postcode on it - anything that reduces its value on the secondhand market.
We also advise you take a few minutes to review the security of your sheds and garages. Is the metal furniture (eg, hinges, hasps, bolts, padlocks) in good condition, not weakened by rust and locking mechanisms still in working order? Ask yourself, is the door material strong enough to withstand being broken or cut? Can people look into the windows and see what you have got stored in there?
And finally, consider the lighting in the garden. Can thieves work under cover of darkness as the days get shorter? I have attached our Outbuilding advice sheet for your information.  Even if you don't have a garden, please feel free to pass the advice to family and friends.
2484 Lara Curtayne Crime Reduction Officer
In emergency or if a crime is being committed, call 999 To report a crime or suspicious activity, call 101  


Advice to Rural Residents - Protect your Heating Oil

Message sent by Lara Curtayne (Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety, Bedfordshire Police

Following the recent drop in temperature this week, many central heating systems across the county are being re-programmed to deal with the colder mornings and nights. With the prediction of a hard winter, many of our rural residents will possibly be looking to top up their heating oil supply taking advantage of current low prices, particularly those being offered by bulk-purchase groups. Theft of heating oil has decreased dramatically in Bedfordshire over the last few years and has stabilized at very low levels. However, we would still like you to take the following points into consideration. They may prevent you from becoming a victim of crime which could leave you literally “out in the cold”. 

  • Oil tankers are large, liveried vehicles parked outside your house for about 20 minutes or so, advertising that you are having a significant amount of      oil delivered.
  • Consider the location of your oil tank and the defence measures you have in place to prevent theft.
  • Check with your insurance company that your oil tank and heating oil are covered by your Home & Contents policy – don’t assume that they are.

 We have attached our advice leaflet which contains more information about securing your tank and fuel.  

2484 Lara Curtayne Crime Reduction Officer


Court email scam warning    

We’re warning the public about a court email scam which could, if opened, allow ‘malware’ to enter your computer.  
The scam emails purport to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and claim that you have to appear in court. The email entices people to click on a link to view their start time or case details. This link is likely to lead to malware.   This email has no connection to the CPS, which has confirmed that it will never email witnesses in order to summons them to court.   Anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click any links, and should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.  

Online Shopping - algorithm warning

Message sent by Lara Curtayne (Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety, Bedfordshire Police

If you use online shopping, you may be aware of the little adverts at the edge of the page you are looking at. Quite often, these adverts are tailored to your shopping choices by using an algorithm that tracks past online purchases.  However, some algorithms use your computer's IP address to target adverts that appear to be relevant to your local area.
Bedfordshire Police have been made aware of such advert on Ebay that claims police in your local area advise you buy a particular torch. We would like to reassure residents that Bedfordshire Police (nor any other UK police force) do not promote or endorse any product, service or company over any other, unless that product has "Secured By Design" or "Sold Secure" accreditation (which will be evident by the display of either logo).
Whilst considered a rather unethical marketing ploy using scare tactics and implying the product is police approved, this advert is not part of a criminal offence and should just be ignored.

Commercial Vehicles Tool Thefts - South Bedfordshire

Message sent by Lesley Johnson (Bedfordshire   Police, Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety Dept)

General warning to all  Van, Commercial vehicle users and Fleet managers.  Overnight  16/11/16 to 17/11/16 there have been a further 4 crime reports received concerning criminal damage to and theft from of Panel vans across the county. These thefts occurred across South Bedfordshire, (Luton, Dunstable, Toddington and Biggleswade).
In all cases tools contained within these vehicles were removed.
The purpose of this message is to ask all business users/ van drivers to review their current security measures.  In some cases it is not always practicable to remove the tools from your vehicle each night however it may be prudent to fit additional security locks to all access doors and ensure your vehicle is alarmed.
For specific information regarding target hardening your vehicle whether it be fleet, self employed or as a private owner please contact the crime reduction team via our email address of-